Strike/demonstrate on May Day/International Workers’ Day (1 May): Videos and marches in London and Greater Manchester


[EDIT 18/4/14: I have modified the first paragraph to mention a new video, adapted from last year, in HD and non-HD versions, that specifically advertises the May Day demonstration in London.]

I produced a music video last year, based on the song “The Stars Look Down” from Billy Elliot the Musical, set during the miners’ strike, with changed lyrics calling for strikes and demonstrations on the 1st of May to oppose austerity, inflicted by capitalist politicians urged on by bankers and big business. I have added details of a London demonstration on that day, with links to a Facebook event for the London demo and to this blog entry at the end, but I used which may be censoring those links… I have also considerably improved the description of the video (including warning about tinyurl), and produced high definition (HD) and non-HD versions (it seems that HD versions don’t play on smart TVs, or some of them anyway). Click here to watch the HD version on YouTube or here to watch the non-HD version on YouTube.

I have also produced a video this year for an original song/poem by my band called “Austerity Kills” – opposing the scapegoating of benefit “scroungers” by the Tories and immigrants by the British National Party (BNP) and United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) – and pointing out that rich bankers are mainly to blame in engineering the 2007-8 credit crunch which led to a global recession. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

In most countries of Europe, the 1st of May (International Workers’ Day) is a public holiday, but the official “May Day” holiday takes place on the first Monday in May in the UK. The London May Day Organising Committee (LMDOC) organises a march on the 1st of May anyway, and campaigns for that day to be a public holiday. It would be an ideal day for a general strike, but if only the odd union strikes on that day in the UK, that would significantly help in the struggle for an effective fightback against austerity.

As the home page of LMDOC says, their May Day march “has been a unique bringing together of trade unionists, workers from the many international communities in London, pensioners, anti-globalisation organisations, students, political bodies and many others in a show of working class unity.”

The model motion, accessible from the latest news page of that website, says “We urge unions involved in industrial action to consider May 1st as an appropriate date for such action.” One such union involved in a dispute is the National Union of Teachers (NUT); if it called another strike on that day, that would be particularly effective at building a big demonstration, since many parents and school students could join it as well as striking teachers.

I have created a Facebook event for the London demonstration due to its very low internet exposure. There will be many other marches around the world on that day (and  The details of the March are as follows:


According to the Greater Manchester march and rally Facebook event, its demonstration takes place on the public/bank holiday Monday (as many May Day demos do in the UK outside London):

Monday 5th May 2014
Assemble: Noon, Bexley Square, Salford 
March through the Centre of Manchester
Closing Rally: Cathedral Gardens, Manchester

There will be many other demonstrations across the world on May Day and I am publicising these on an International call to Reoccupy the Streets Facebook event.

For some of my personal views about the economic problems that are used as the justification for austerity (for which I think a very democratic socialist solution is required rather than tinkering around the edges with gradual reforms to capitalism that are wholly inadequate in this period of global capitalist crisis), browse some of my articles in the Economy category on this blog.

For those who think that the power of the state (including revelations about the National Security Agency in the USA and its PRISM project, with similar surveillance in the UK from GCHQ, and infiltration from Special Branch within the police force or MI5) are too strong for an effective fightback, go to my blog entry #Budget2014: Alan Turing Institute for big data & algorithm research, towards fascism forever (Turing stopped in WW2) – and read the comments after my post for my interactions with a representative of a socialist conspiratorial organisation (and judge for yourself whether he and that organisation are genuine)!

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