Osborne and Balls attending #Bilderberg conference – no real choice at election time!

What more proof do we need that the Tories and Labour are conspiring against us, to ensure that there is no real choice come election time? Tory chancellor George Osborne and his Labour opposite number Ed Balls are among the participants at this year’s Bilderberg conference (held in the UK for the first time – near Watford), alongside other politicians of the “centre left” and “centre right” from around the (Western) world, bankers, businessmen (and the odd businesswoman), right-wing academics and journalists, and other leading figures of international capitalism such as Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Even the infamous Peter “something of the night about him” Mandelson is there. [Thatcher and Blair have attended in previous years, before they became prime minister.]

These conferences have been going on for 60 years. For many years, their participants denied its very existence, but now they even have an official website with an agenda and list of participants: http://www.bilderbergmeetings.org/participants2013.html (note the possibly deliberate mistake of the page title saying 2009!)

It seems from internet reports that right-wing US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is dominating protests there so far (and the bizarre David Icke is expected later with some of his followers). Such figures should not be allowed to dominate protests, and Channel 4 News tonight suggested that opposition consist of more than just the usual left-wing and right-wing conspiracy theory types who are taking an interest – and no wonder, it is some of the most powerful representatives of the 1% who the Occupy movement have targeted who are meeting in Watford.

This underlines the necessity of building a genuine left-wing alternative to all the mainstream parties – a sort of UKIP of the left, as envisaged by film director Ken Loach, with his Left Unity initiative.

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