Sosyalist Alternatif (CWI Turkey): Mass movement challenges Erdogan government #occupygezi #direngeziparki #taksim


For a revolutionary socialist (Trotskyist) account of the unfolding Turkish uprising, including specific suggestions for the way forward and demands for activists to put forward towards the government, written by activists in Turkey – linked to other Trotskyist organisations around the world via the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI) – go to

[I was a member of the CWI’s British section from 1990-98, called the Militant Tendency, later Militant Labour and now the Socialist Party (of England and Wales). I left due to disagreements with the CWI and Socialist Party majority positions on the setting up of the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) – the majority effectively opposed it (putting forward conditions so that it would really be a renaming of the Scottish Socialist Alliance) while I wholeheartedly supported it. The SSP was initially very successful (with Tommy Sheridan winning a seat in the first elections to the Scottish parliament in 1999, and the SSP winning six seats in 2003) but imploded due to Sheridan’s defamation trial against the News of the World – this was entirely unforeseen and the SSP’s demise was certainly not inevitable (it should also be pointed out that the SSP is still a functioning party but one lacking representation in the Scottish parliament). Although sections of the CWI tend to be more sectarian towards other left-wing organisations than I would like, their analysis is often very good and I strongly urge you to read that article!]

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