Problems with Adobe Flash which, coincidentally or not, can stop a YouTube video going viral

Can a video go viral in the space of a few days to mobilise many thousands (or even millions) to participate in a global general strike on May Day (Wednesday 1 May), urging people to strike from work, college, school, shopping and using banks (including cash dispenser machines), as urged by Anonymous in solidarity with the Occupy movement against the 1%?

Well, I’ve tried. My singing isn’t at it’s best, but I’ve got the aid of a professional female singer, and I constructed an awesome video involving clips from other videos posted on YouTube, with the song as the backdrop, so it’s the sort of thing that could go viral. And, as I promoted it on Facebook, and even for a while afterwards, it steadily rose to 100 hits – and then the number of hits ground to a halt.

The video played perfectly well yesterday on my Mac, but I was astonished (and very disappointed) to find the pane of the window completely black and unresponsive today. [It did play on my Android mobile phone however.] It was only when I tried to play the song on SoundCloud, to which I have also uploaded it, that I found the problem – a message appeared saying there was a problem to do with Flash options. There are no settings that can be altered on the web browser I use (Safari), so the only option was reinstalling Flash from I first checked “Software Update” and it didn’t think I needed an update, but I updated anyway and it worked!

Anyway, I’ve put a message at the top of the description of the video urging people to reinstall Flash, which you probably need to do on a PC too. The video probably won’t go viral, in time for Wednesday at least, but it will do something to build the movement to bring down capitalism as a whole!

To view the video, go to

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