9/11 was (in part) the “inside job” to end all inside jobs (literally)

There are a lot of people who believe in conspiracy theories, particularly that 9/11 was an inside job orchestrated by the Bush administration. For those who don’t, or those who do and want to educate themselves and others, I strongly recommend watching the BBC Conspiracy Files TV programme on the Third Tower (WTC7), aired in July 2008 – either click here (or search YouTube for “BBC Conspiracy Files Third Tower” if that copy has been removed due to copyright issues).

The programme provided the following evidence of a conspiracy:

  • The third tower collapsed without a plane hitting it, supposedly due to fire. On no other occasion in history has a building with steel support collapsed due to fire (unless you count the twin towers that collapsed earlier that day with the planes hitting them starting fires before they collapsed, or a later Madrid fire that took hours and didn’t completely collapse).
  • There were other buildings between the twin towers and the Third Tower, which collapsed 8 hours later.
  • The tower collapsed virtually at freefall speed, like the other two towers, in seconds, like a controlled demolition.
  • The collapse was so symmetrical that the steel supports on different sides of the building had to give way at precisely the same time. It was very similar but much more symmetrical than examples of controlled demolition shown in the programme, indicating that something more advanced than conventional explosives was used.
  • It appears that the steel melted to cause the collapse (red hot metal was spotted in the wreckage hours after the collapse), and it was suggested that an advanced explosive material called “thermite” (or “nanothermite”) was used. A thermite explosion was demonstrated in a lab.
  • The building contained offices for the CIA and other secret services and government departments, and was probably where the conspiracy was hatched so the collapse was to destroy evidence.
  • A fire alarm test was taking place all day (incredible in any building let alone one with such important offices in it).
  • Barry Jennings, who worked in the third tower, ignored the fire alarm and investigated the tower after it had been evacuated. He said he went into an emergency response centre that was empty but had still hot coffee, heard explosions within the building and stepped over bodies (despite the official story that there was no loss of life in that building).
  • It was reported on TV news programmes (including the BBC by Jane Standley, a journalist in New York) that the tower had collapsed or was collapsing, before it actually did so. Some people have criticised Jane for being part of the conspiracy but it seems that she was just fed that not yet up-to-date information.
  • The live satellite link from the BBC in the UK to Jane Standley broke down with the picture becoming pixilated (like with digital TV when there is a bad signal) during the interview. The official explanation was that a satellite subscription had expired and an automatic timer kicked in – but I’ve never heard of that happening on any other occasion and for it to happen then hardly seems to be a coincidence!
  • BBC tapes of news on 9/11 were lost, and eventually found on the 2002 shelf (rather than 2001). The programme said this showed it was “a cock-up rather than a conspiracy”, but it certainly could be part of a massive conspiracy!

A BBC news item from July 2008, apart from absurdly suggesting that multiple fires caused the collapse (why would they cause a simultaneous and so symmetrical collapse) but other points in that item are a good summary of information in the programme. Click here.

The previous programme in the Conspiracy Theories series about 9/11 (aired on February 2007) was heavily criticised for being biased against the conspiracy theorists. However, there was some very convincing evidence of a conspiracy towards the start of that programme, with the second half concentrating on views of the establishment (which viewers tended to forget due to receiving a lot of complex information and a limited amount of short term memory). I think the first fifteen minutes included the following:

  • There were a few separate and clearly viewable explosions in (at least) one of the twin towers below the point at which it was collapsing. This certainly confirms the controlled demolition theory.
  • The US secret services had been planning for the possibility of a plane being hijacked and flown into a tower before 9/11 (which establishment figures including George W Bush lied about).
  • Interceptor planes, that could have shot the hijacked aircraft down, were (deliberately in my opinion) sent the wrong way.

I wrote a song “9/11 Inside Job” (find it here) based on the first programme, without the extra evidence of the one on the third tower.

So what do I think now? Well, I got a tingle through my body yesterday which I tend to get when I’ve come to an important conclusion, in talking about 9/11 being an inside job (in part since I think some Muslims were involved, manipulated by the US state) to make Islam the new “bogeyman” to replace the USSR, and also noting that no further inside jobs by the West have been necessary (indeed, they could be counterproductive in raising suspicions). The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, and particluarly the massive atrocities that continue to be committed at Guantánamo Bay, have done enough to provoke real terrorist outrages like 7/7 in London in 2006 and Boston recently, and many more attempts at terrorism that have been foiled by surveillance. There are some who, because they are misguided or because they deliberately want to harm the struggle for a better world, see all sorts of conspiracies (including indeed 7/7 and Boston, although in the latter case they may want to reevaluate now that the surviving terrorist has confessed to intending it).

Many socialists steer clear of conspiracy theories, including 9/11, due to the field being dominated by right-wing “Libertarians” in the USA (which is due to them being far stronger than the left, at least until the dawn of the Occupy movement). I suggest that our role should be to expose the Project for a New American Century, which wanted “a new Pearl Harbor” and therefore instigated 9/11, and also expose those right-wingers like Alex Jones who cynically and naively use their radio talk shows (etc.) to invent ridiculous conspiracy theories where none exist.

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