Benefit cap and child benefit

The argument that someone on benefits shouldn’t get more than the average wage sounds fair enough ťo some (hence its popularity of 79% according to the BBC News tonight) but what is rarely mentioned is those on the average wage often get child benefit on top.

This time, someone opposed to the cap was able to argue this point as well as making the less persuasive argument that they may get housing benefit too. Of course much higher rents in London and the rest of the south are much higher than elsewhere in Britain, hence Labour’s fudge calling for a regional cap. But with a mere £200 million out of £200 billion (total benefit and pension bill) expected to be saved, it’s a political move that will devastate lives – like the bedroom tax, estimated to save £4-500 million.

2 thoughts on “Benefit cap and child benefit

  1. Good counter-arguments to benefit cap. Points out what even someone who keeps up a lot with the news (me) hadn’t realised, that the House of Lords voted to remove child benefit from the cap but it was overturned in the Commons.

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